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Come join our conversational classes to learn how to think and speak in English without translating in a fun and active way.

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Due to COVID-19 we transitioned to online classes.
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The Best English Classes

In our classes every student SPEAKS, UNDERSTANDS and FEELS what they are saying and that's the best way to learn a language.


Small Classes

We offer SMALL CONVERSATIONAL classes (no more than 8 people per class) where each student gets individialized attention.

Personalized Attention

Our classes are CUSTOMIZED to the needs of the students, so each student will have the tools they need to succeed.

Visual Graphics

Visual graphics make our system fun and very effective so we don't have to translate.

Phonetic Alphabet

We use our unique PHONETIC ALPHABET to help our students master American pronunciation.

Passion and Experience

Our passion and experience enable us to give the best classes you will find anywhere.

Affordable Price

We offer classes at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. Group classes are only $6.25 per hour.

teacher is explaning the sounds of english language

Group Classes

Schedule and Pricing

Saturday - Conversation Club
1 cycle - 4 weeks - 8 hours - $50

1 cycle - 4 weeks - 16 hours - $100

Monday through Thursday
1 cycle - 4 weeks - 32 hours - $200

Private classes $30 per hour

Our Background

We've been teaching English since 2003. Our years of experience include system development, quality control and training teachers for different ESL schools. 
We've been constantly updating our system to offer a class where you will learn English the fastest way possible.  We have students from all over the world and our unique system has been proven to work for everyone.
teacher is explaning the sounds of english language

Conversation Club

We listen to fun stories, work on all aspects of English - pronunciation, structure, comprehension and fluency.  You will be speaking English throughout the class with corrections and explanations. 

Currently the class is held online.   
Saturday - 1 cycle - 8 hours - $50.

Individual Personalized Lessons

In our classes every student SPEAKS, UNDERSTANDS and FEELS what they are saying and that's the best way to learn a language.
teacher is explaning the sounds of english language

ESL Teacher Training

Are you a teacher? 

 We offer training for ESL teachers.  We show how to teach "0" level students from the beginning without translating.  
- Correct your students in a way that makes them see their errors and correct themselves. 
- Learn to correct pronunciation in the most effective way possible. 
Our teacher training is a great investment in your professional development. 
It is a 2 week program - 8 hours - $200
teacher is explaning the sounds of english language

Free Online English Course

Due to the heavy demand of students wanting to attend our classes we are now offering interactive classes online.
With our program you will learn basic conversational English in minutes. We will guide you every step of the way until you speak English fluently. We help you immerse yourself in English. Every word is explained with the exact correct pronunciation and every grammar rule is explained in a simple way. With our system you will learn to speak English with confidence and you will master English in no time.The most beneficial thing about our program is that you will learn to think in English without translating. So subscribe to our channel to learn, practice and speak English correctly with excellent pronunciation today.

Our Clients Love Us

Check what other people are saying about our school. They are very happy with their results.

"Kevin was my teacher more than 10 years ago, I highly recommend him, he was my favorite teacher and always will be. If one day you decide to study English for sure it should be at English for Everyone."
"I want to thank you for all I have learned thanks for your patience. It has helped me personally and at work of course ... if you people want to learn this is definetly the best place to go to, they are the greatest teachers."

"Excellent school and top-notch teachers! They make learning so easy with their excellent program."